KSEA-USC held the general meeting for the spring semester on February 13th, 2013. Around twenty people attended the GM, including our club advisor, Dr. Seon Ho Kim, who reminded us of the importance of forming a network as we pursue our endeavors in the science and engineering. KSEA-USC staff members informed the attendees about the organization itself as well as our past events, such as the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, KWiSE Mentoring Workshop, and the Annual End of the Year Dinner. The staff members also encouraged the attendees to attend the future events such as the Mentoring Workshop, NMSC, SWRC, and Space Camp. The GM came to a close with the online registration to KSEA. Afterwards, the staff members and some old and new members of KSEA-USC bonded by going to the Korea Town.

On Saturday, March 8, board members of KSEA-USC attended the annual Southwestern Regional Conference held at Hyatt in Garden Grove. A wide spectrum of science and engineering fields was represented at this event, ranging from Disney animation to environmental engineering. Each speaker at the event shared their own unique career experiences and how their educational background in science has impacted their respective industry.

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1123photoKSEA-USC went to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights for the first time on October 31st, 2013. Rides and teams were arranged beforehand by the event coordinators. KSEA-USC e-boards, members, and non-members were able to get closer before their arrival at Universal Studios through the car ride and dinner at Korea Town. By 7 PM, all the participants in the event reached Universal Studios in Hollywood and were greeted by a couple of UCLA KSEA members. From then, USC students were divided into four groups as previously planned and UCLA students were distributed into each group.

At the entrance of the theme park, the groups were met with several zombies and ghosts. The first attraction that they went to was the Terror Tram, which dropped them off at an outdoor area targeted by “The Walkers” from Walking Dead. Even though most students were very nervous and scared at first, many claimed that they actually enjoyed the thrill and horror. Afterwards, the four groups separated and moved on to different attractions and rides. Many groups went on non-Halloween themed rides, such as Transformers: The Ride, The Simpsons, and The Mummy Ride. Even though they had planned to come back at 12:30AM, they realized that they were having too much fun, despite the fact that they were extremely tired. As a result, they decided to stay at the park until 2 AM, the closing time. Before the event, many students had been unwilling to go to the maze due to its infamous intensity of horror. However, most students earned the courage to enter one of the mazes by the end of the night! Some of the mazes required a long wait-time, so most groups walked (or ran) through the Evil Dead Maze and came back alive J

Overall, this event was successful in creating stronger bonds among KSEA-USC e-boards and regular members as well as KSEA-UCLA members. Some of the non-KSEA members who came were encouraged and convinced to join KSEA-USC in the future. Being in a park that generated fear and excitement not only made Halloween entertaining for the participants, but it also facilitated social networking and connection that are required for the future of students engaging in science and engineering. It was the first of many enjoyable yet helpful events held by KSEA-USC this year!