2-1The first GM for KSEA 2014 was held on Thursday, the 4th of September at 7PM. A handful of freshmen, undergraduates, graduates, and alumni joined at this meeting. Everyone who participated at this event introduced themselves including the staff members; previous presidents and the founder were also introduced to the students. President Jeanie Kim and Public Relations Nayeon Kim alternately introduced KSEA, KSEA-USC, national events, regional events, and school events previously held in USC. Students were highly encouraged to join KSEA as they went over the benefits of KSEA-USC community. Students were then invited to officially become a member of KSEA through online registration found in KSEA website and further by inviting them to apply for E-board positions. Throughout the meeting, Korean food was provided and there were raffles for prizes (T-shirts + Starbucks Gift cards). After the meeting, a number of students went for a social hang-out to Shatto 39 Lanes to play bowling. Through this event, students had the opportunity to get to know more about KSEA-USC and meet and befriend current board members, alumni, as well as each other.


UKC 2014, US-Korea Conference, was held at Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport on August 6-9, 2014. UKC is the biggest US-Korea conference for researchers, scientists, engineers, and technology experts in academia and industry.


The conference is co-organized by Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA), Korea Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) and Korea-US Science Cooperation Center (KUSCO).

Over 1,300 scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs from US and Korea attended UKC 2014. It was a great opportunity for learning the advanced researches and technologies and for networking with other scientists and engineers.

Volunteers and organizers assisted 12 symposiums and 9 forums, poster sessions, and other events.


The student volunteers from UC Berkeley, USC, and there were also many volunteers from other cities.

From 11th to 12th of July, over two days, Science Camp 2014: Robolution was held by KSEA-SC chapter. This camp was to introduce general concepts of robot and programming to the students whose ages ranged from 10 to 17.

The event started with a speech done by a graphic software engineer from Disney. The speaker talked about how Disney animations, such as Tangled and Frozen etc, were created by using the computer science. After the speech, there was a session for teaching robotics. This session was divided into four minor sections so that groups of students can rotate each section to have in-depth discussion about topics of each section; four minor sections were building a robot, programming an algorithm, remote controlling via Bluetooth and analyzing the algorithm and the robot. This discovering robotics session was followed by group presentation session. This presentation session was to give students opportunity to present about what technology they think there would be in the future.

After all the sessions were done, there was an award ceremony to give prizes to the students who were good at each category.

This science camp was indeed a great opportunity for the students to understand the general concepts of robotics in terms of having experiences on how to do coding, how animations are created by computer science and so on.